Congo Brazzaville


Development and upgrading of the main  Pointe Noire-Brazzaville rail line
In November 2016, Italferr was awarded the contracts to plan and supervise the modernisation and the infrastructure and technological upgrading of the railway line linking the port of Pointe Noire to the capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville.
Activities are expected to begin in Jenuary 2018 and will last for about 24 months.

In addition, other contracts were also concluded for upgrading the port and logistical infrastructure at Pointe Noire, which Italferr will carry out in partnership with Leonardo Finmeccanica and other Italian contractors. Italferr will be engaged in design activities aimed at extending the rail line within the port and will be also be in charge of supervising the works.
Activities are expected to begin in Jenuary 2018 and will last for about 30 months.


Update Master Plan 
Italferr was appointed by ICE (Italy’s Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian companies) to update the Transport System Master Plan of the Republic of Congo for the local Ministry of Transport.
The aim of the project was to review and update the current Transport Master Plan, originally drawn up in 2004, and define the key elements for the decision-making process, in respect of transport infrastructure development, with a view to driving the economy of the entire region.
The study was broken down into the following activities: reviewing the existing Master Plan and pinpointing its weaknesses; preparing a territorial study of the project area, including an analysis of the socio-demographic spread, natural resources and hydrological studies; carrying out a sectoral investigation into the features of the current infrastructure, with an analysis of the relevant criticalities; preparing a technical-economic analysis of the improvement, adaptation and implementation of the existing networks with a transport model impact appraisal; conducting a socio-economic and financial analysis for cost-effectiveness purposes; prioritising operations for all modes of transport.
The activities began in August 2015 and ended in November 2015.

As a member of a joint venture with SELEX ES (Finmeccanica S.p.A. - Electronics, Defence and Security Systems Sector from 1 January 2016) and other companies, Italferr also carried out a Feasibility Study to develop the transport system, with a special focus on maritime and ship transport to the North of Brazzaville and the upgrading of the Point Noire-Brazzaville rail network.
The activities started in October 2015 and ended in December 2015.