Work Supervision for upgrading the Signalling Systems in the Benha/Zagazig/El-Ismalia/Port Said and Zagazig/Abu-Kebir Corridors
As part of the line modernisation project, in 2010 Italferr was appointed by the Egyptian National Railways to design the signalling system for Corridor 4 of the Egyptian transport infrastructure system. The project focused in particular on two sections: Benha-Zagazig-El Ismalia-El Qantara-Port Said and Zagazig-Abu Kebir, for a total length of 170 km.
The contract lasted 3 years, during which Italferr developed the technical specifications for the new systems, the tender documentation and Client assistance up to the awarding of the contract for the final design project, and the supply, assembly and commissioning of the system.
After the satisfactory results achieved, the Egyptian National Railways has awarded Italferr the Work Supervision contract for upgrading the signalling systems on the same sections.
The works started in September 2016 for a duration of 48 months.

Migration to ETCS lev 1 - on board and on track side - on Alexandria-Cairo-Asyut main Corridor
In December 2015, Italferr and the Egyptian National Railways (ENR) signed the contract for “Migration to ETCS lev 1 – on-board and track-side – on the mainline Alexandria-Cairo-Asyut Corridor”. As the leading company of the consortium with RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) and Italcertifer, Italferr will be engaged in developing the on-board and track-side systems.
The services will include: definition of a migration strategy of the current ATC system and the ETCS system level 1; a preliminary cost estimate; the groundwork for the functional specifications and preliminary train and track migration planning; defining the required changes for the Operational Rule Book of the Egyptian Railways for interaction between the ATC system and ETCS level 1. Italferr will also be engaged in preparing the technical specifications and tender documents for the migration project, providing the local railways with assistance during the tendering stage. Last but not least, Italferr could also be awarded the works supervision contract by ENR.
The envisaged duration for delivering the services is 27 months from February 2016.


Pre-Feasibility of the High Speed Cairo-Alexandria lineFeasibility of the High Speed Cairo-Alexandria line
Italferr was appointed by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport to carry out a pre-feasibility study for a High Speed line, of about 220 km in length, connecting Cairo to Alexandria, two of the most densely populated cities in Africa and the whole world. The study concerned the technical-economic viability of the new railway corridor, mainly for passenger transport, and was based on a maximum design speed of 300 km/h (100 km/h in the built-up areas).
The project provided for the following activities: a market analysis (current and future supply and demand); the definition of the service levels to be guaranteed by the new line; an analysis for an alternative infrastructure capable of meeting the line performance levels; an analysis of any operational alternatives; the investment cost estimate; the financial sustainability of the investment.
Activities ended in January 2011.