Preliminary and detailed design of Hrvatski Leskovac-Karlovac Railway Line
Italferr has been awarded the contract for designing the Hrvatski Leskovac - Karlovac segment, about 45 km long, of the the V-b Corridor linking the port of Rijeka to Zagreb and Budapest.
The contract between Italferr (leader of a grouping of companies including Technital and IRD Engineering) and the Croatian Railways (HŽ Infrastruktura) was signed in Zagreb, on 9 November 2012. Most of the funding (85%) comes from the European Union,  through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), while 15% is financed by the Croatian government. Scheduled to last three years, the contract involves developing the final/detailed designs and production information for the track-doubling works between the stations of Hrvatski Leskovac and Karlovac.
The services also entail preparing an environmental impact study, a transport and cost-benefit analysis study and an overhauled feasibility study, consistently with the applicable European standards.
Under an addendum, due to be signed at the start of 2017, the design activities will be resumed for a period of 20 months. The addendum will involve changes to the original route and design project.
The project is scheduled to be completed in October 2018.


Study on Corridor X
The Croatian Government engaged Italferr to prepare a feasibility study, funded by the European Commission, for the modernisation of the country’s rail network, in connection with Corridor X, which is Croatia’s main road and rail artery. This development project is pivotal to the European transport policy for linking Germany and Austria with Greece and Turkey.
The project entailed the development of a technical-economic study of the Croatian section (270 km) of the rail Corridor, which – based on a new transport analysis and the reviewing of the previous master plan – identified the priority infrastructures required and the technological standards to be adopted.
The services also included a detailed study on the 20 km long Okucani-Novska section and, in particular, a review of the existing upgrading designs, cost evaluation, environmental impact, cost-benefit breakdown and preparing the documentation for the European funding request.
This engagement confirms Italferr's important commercial role in the former Yugoslav countries. Operations in the area kicked off with the awarding of the design contract for the new bridge across the Danube, in the city of Novi Sad, and continued with the engagement to develop Serbia’s National Transport Plan.
Activities started in April 2009 and ended in May 2010.