New Turin-Lyon High Speed Line

The new Turin-Lyon line is an integral part of the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor (TEN-T Core Corridor n. 3).
The cross-border section is about 65 km long and runs between Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in Savoy (France) and Bussoleno in Piedmont, Susa Valley (Italy). The main works concern the 57 km long base tunnel.

Turin-Lyon section
Base Tunnel Length 57 km
Twin-tube tunnel – single-track line with bypass every 333 m, underground station for right-of-way operations and intermediate safety areas.


New High Speed Line Turin-Lyon
After having developed the preliminary and final designs for the rail and non-rail activities, maintenance and installations for the new international Turin-Lyon rail section, Italferr has been involved, since 2009, in overhauling the project on both the French and Italian sides.
Activities will probably be completed in 2017.


Geognostic Tunnel of "La Maddalena". Technical and Environmental Project
Italferr developed both the Feasibility Study and Final Design Project for the "Geognostic Tunnel of La Maddalena. Environmental and technical project"
This Study was part of the implementation stages of the Framework agreement relating to "Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental Works" signed in 2008.
Activities were completed in January 2011.

New Turin-Lyon High Speed Line between S. Jean de Maurienne and Bruzolo
In partnership with other internationally renowned engineering companies, Italferr was engaged by "Lyon Turin Ferroviaire" (LTF), now known as "Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin" (TELT), the company responsible for the construction of the the Italian-French section of the new high speed rail link between Turin and Lyon. The engagement involved a series of engineering services on the international section between St. Jean de Maurienne and Bruzolo.
The new line (the most important part of which consists in a sub-alpine tunnel about 57 km long), is of great strategic importance for the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor connecting western and eastern Europe.
In particular, Italferr developed the concept/preliminary design for the civil works, installations, safety and "rail motorway", as well as the final design/production information for rail and non-rail installations, operation and maintenance and the general coordination of the specialised services for the entire project.
Activities were completed in 2007.