Supervision of infrastructural road and rail access works to the Calafat-Vidin Bridge over the Danube
On behalf of the Romanian Ministry of Transport, and as the leader of an international joint venture, Italferr provided technical support for supervising the works relating to the new road and railway infrastructure enabling access to the bridge across the Danube River, between Calafat and Vidin on the Romanian side.
Italferr was responsible for coordinating the entire project and, in particular, for the railway-related activities.
Activities started in May 2009 and ended in August 2013.

Technical assistance for upgrading 430 km of rail network
On behalf of the Romanian State Railways (CFR), Italferr as the leader of an international joint venture; provided technical support for upgrading, consistently to European standards, the following Corridor IV rail sections: Brasov-Sighisoara (130 km), Sighisoara-Coslariu (98 km), Coslariu-Simeria (68 km), Predeal-Brasov (26 km) and Craiova-Calafat (107 km).
The technical support activities included reviewing the existing feasibility studies and the detail ed design of the Brasov-Simeria section.
As leader of the grouping, Italferr coordinated the entire project, managed the feasibility study and topographic/geological surveys and carried out the detailed design for the Coslariu-Simeria line. Most of the co-financing (85%) came from the European Commission's ISPA (Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession), while the remaining 15% came from the Romanian State Railways.
Activities started in July 2007 and ended in June 2013.

Technical assistance for the development of an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System
On behalf of the Romanian State Railways (CFR: Compania Nationala de Cai Fe-rate), Italferr provided assistance in developing and implementing an integrated Quality and Environment Management System (QEMS).
This important engagement was an acknowledgement of the significant know-how and expertise built up by Italferr in the application of the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards, in connection with large-scale national and international rail infrastructure projects.
The project involved applying the integrated QEMS to the Romanian rail network’s maintenance activities and installations, to the upgrading and development of the existing lines, to the allocation of train paths and to the company’s asset management. In-house training activities were also carried out for the client’s managers and middle-managers. The contract was funded by the World Bank.
Activities were completed in 2009

Review of a feasibility study regarding the rail line from Simeria to the Hungarian border
Italferr provided the Romanian State Railways (CFR-SA) with technical support in reviewing the feasibility study for rail development and combined transport on a portion of the Pan-European Corridor IV linking the city of Simeria to the Hungarian border (185 km). The main objective was to foster sustainable mobility along Corridor IV (Dresden/Nuremberg-Prague-Vienna-Budapest/Bucharest-Konstanz/Sofia-Istanbul).
Italferr also delivered consulting services on the communication aspects relating to the organisatio of of the Public Consultations envisaged by the European Union for this type of project.
Activities were completed in 2004.

Technical assistance for preparing project documents concerning the CEI (Central European Initiative) funding programme
Italferr provided assistance to various Romanian rail operators (CFR S.A., CFR Calatori and CFR Marfa) in respect of the preparation of design documents and for the implementation strategies of the projects included in the CEI funding programme, with respect to the refurbishment of six railway stations, the regeneration of about five hundred carriages and the reconversion of almost fifty passenger train locomotives.
Activities were completed in 2001.