Chiasso ACE: design, support and work management
In view of the probable increase in traffic, as a result of the new TransAlpine rail links (Gotthard and Ceneri Base Tunnels), the Swiss Federal Railways (FSS) have launched a series of improvement and upgrading projects of existing installations, including the replacement of the current Central Electronic Equipment (ACE) at Chiasso, with changes to the General Redevelopment Plan and electrification systems.
After having awarded a first contract to Italferr in July 2014, for designing a new 3 kV traction substation at the Chiasso Railway Station, FSS concluded a new contract with Italferr in July 2015, in relation to the next design stage for the new substation, the overhead contact line, the safety installations and an in-depth analysis of the related environmental and compulsory purchasing issues.
Furthermore, in March 2016, Italferr was also awarded a third contract involving follow-up activities on the design work previously carried out, as well as services relating to the new works at Chiasso Station, environmental and risk analysis work and, finally, general support to the Swiss Railways during the tendering process.
Strengthening the collaboration, in March 2017 the Swiss Federal Railways gave Italferr a new contract for the design of technological installations and the work supervisione of the new 3 kV electrical substation.
Activities began in 2014 and are scheduled to be completed in September 2018.

Luino Project
In July 2017, the Swiss Federal Railways FFS extended the contract engagements awarded to Italferr and concluded a new contract for services to be provided at the station of Luino, with regard to the coordination and preparation of documents for the commissioning of the new 2x15 kV system on the Luino-Giubiasco section and for the operating authorisation by the Rail Safety Agency.
Activities began in July 2017 and are scheduled to be completed in July 2018.