Bridge across the Euphrates River
Italferr was appointed by the Client Omran Razavi (a General Contractor based in Tehran) to provide technical support for the workshop construction, assembly and launching of the metal beams for the Tabeje-al Bookamal rail bridge across the Euphrates River in Syria.
Italferr provided the following services: the review of the construction drawings prepared by the contractor; assessing and approving the building methodology and the salient activities involved; quality control and technical acceptance of the supplies, in conformity with the international standards; regular inspections on the bridge components at the production workshop, located in the Tehran suburbs; assessment of material tests, workshop activities and all major activities during the manufacturing of the iron components; monitoring the contents and conditions of the sections prepared in the workshop and subsequently transported to the site, as well as supervising the main assembly, positioning and testing operations on the bridge.
Activities were completed in February 2011.

Damascus Node
Following the design of the Damascus-Daraa line, the Syrian Railways engaged Italferr to develop the detailed design of the Sbena freight station and the rolling stock maintenance area, of Kadem station, the main passenger station in Damascus, and of the connecting line between Sbena Freight Station and Kadem Passenger Station about 6 km long.
Activities were completed in 2011.

Development and upgrading of the Syrian railway line
On behalf of the Syrian Railways, Italferr carried out technical support activities to facilitate the development and modernisation of the Syrian rail network, with a view to improving links to the Mediterranean and the developing areas of the Middle East.
The activities included a feasibility study and the preliminary design of the Palmyra-deir al Zoor rail line; a feasibility study and the preliminary design of the Sharkia-Palmyra rail line; the preliminary and detailed design of a rail car repair facility at Aleppo; the verification of the design activities relating to the Al Tabejeh-Al Bookamal and Alkansa-Al Akkari rail lines; the feasibility study and preliminary design of the Damascus-Daraa rail line (to the Jordanian border).
In particular, as regards the Damascus-Daraa line, Italferr worked on the detailed design, which envisaged the creation of a high speed line (160 km/h) about 110 km long, for mixed passenger and freight traffic.
Of the 7 planned stations, the Daraa station includes a locomotive maintenance facility, including accessory buildings and personnel facilities.
Activities were completed in 2006.