Support and design services for the Soterramiento Sarmiento project
Italferr concluded a contract with the temporary grouping of companies UTE CNS Union Temporal de Empresas Consorzio Nuevo Sarmiento (made up of the Brazilian company Odebrecht, the Italian company Ghella and the Argentinian company Lecsa) for the railway engineering part of the "Soterramiento Sarmiento" project.
The project involves the full rehabilitation of the Sarmiento rail line (36 km long from the centre of Buenos Aires to the city’s western suburbs), and particularly the construction of a new underground section (18 km) with the top of rail designed at a depth of -22 m below ground level, by means of TBM tunnelling. Furthermore, the project also envisages the construction of 9 new stations using the conventional NATM method, except for one which will be built with the cut-and-cover method. The tunnel will feature an internal diameter of 10.4 m and provide a metropolitan-style service, with a ridership of over 150 million per year.
The contract is split into 3 stages during which Italferr will provide design and support services to assist CNS in creating the Integrated Rail System for the project (signalling, communications, energy, permanent way, operations, tunnel installations, RAMS, maintenance facilities, interfacing and rolling stock). All activities will be coordinated with the civil works.
PHASE 1: Initial technical support in order to define the basic specifications for the Integrated Railway System, together with the CNS Consortium and the Client.
PHASE 2Developing the basic engineering required to fully identify the planned Integrated System and produce the specifications for distribution to the various system suppliers.
PHASE 3: Providing the CNS with back-up for defining the procurement strategy to identify suppliers and develop procurement activities, with a view to finalising supply contracts and system installation.
Operations began in May 2016 and are scheduled to end in 2017.