Caspian Sea and Black Sea


Motorways of the Sea for the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea
As a member of an international grouping of companies, Italferr was engaged by the European Commission to provide transport engineering services within the framework of the "Motorways of the Sea for Black Sea and Caspian Sea" project.
The study involved developing and advancing the Motorways of the Sea for the Caspian Sea and the Black sea project, including the connecting infrastructure with the land network.
In particular, Italferr was responsible for the study aimed at adapting the rail lines to the ports on the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea – a crucial step towards improving maritime freight transport, which involved analysing the existing transport infrastructure over a vast area stretching across the Ukraine, Caucasus, Turkey and Central Asia.
Financed under the new European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument - ENPI (for developing projects in Europe's neighbouring countries), the activities led to the identification of a set of adaptation activities for boosting the potential of the infrastructure network serving intermodal transport in the area and attracting international investors interested in expanding the trade routes between Europe and the East.
Activities were completed in January 2001.