Eurasia Tunnel - Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project
The Italian-Turkish joint venture between Italferr and Altinok CE LLC was awarded a tender issued by the Turkish Ministry of Transport (AYGM) to carry out works supervision as RE (Representative Employer) during the detailed design, implementation, testing and commissioning of the entire project.
The works consist of an intercontinental road connection approximately 15 km long connecting the Kazlicesme district on the European side of Istanbul with the Göztepe district on the Asian side, passing under the Bosphorus and connecting Ataturk airport to the D100 Ankara motorway.
The central part of the road is approximately 5.4 km long, of which 3.3 km are below the Bosphorus Strait, reaching a maximum depth of 106 m below sea level.
The Works Supervision Contract was signed in May 2014, with services commencing in August 2014 and a contract completion date of August 2018. However following completion of the works ahead of schedule and the opening of the entire project to vehicle traffic, the contract completion date was reset for January 2018.
In November 2017 the Administration approved an extension of the Contract up to January 2021 in order to provide the Client with support during the Tunnel Operation phase.

Turkish Projects: Marmaray CR3
Together with SWS, in June 2017 Italferr entered into a contract as Design Verification Engineer (DVE) with the joint venture of Turkish companies Kolin-Kaliyon-Cengiz (KKC).
The construction of the Marmaray tunnel was carried out in three construction sections:
  1. Halkali Kazlicesme (19 km, European side)
  2. Kazlicesme – Ayrilikcesme (13 km, crossing under the Bosphorus strait)
  3. Ayrilikcesme- Pendik (19 km, Asian side)

Section 2. was completed in October 2013, while sections 1. and 3. are close to being completed.


Light Train connection Esenboga Airport-Ankara, prliminary and detailed design
In February 2013, Italferr entered into a contract with Turkish Ministry of Transport for the preliminary and detailed design of the railway connection between the Esenboga international airport and the city of Ankara, about 27 km long, that includes 8 intermediate stations in the capital’s new urban expansion areas.
The contract will terminate in June 2017.
Preliminary and Executive Project for two Maintenance Systems for HS trains
In 2008, Italferr was retained by the Turkish Railways (TCDD) to develop the preliminary and executive project for two systems (in Ankara in the Sugar Factory locality and in Istanbul in the Ispartakule locality), intended for the maintenance and repair of High Speed trains destined for the Turkish HS line being built between Ankara and Istanbul.
The project includes civil works (buildings, basic systems, paving, external finishing, inspection pits, washing platforms), decks and superstructures (layout of the system and connection to existing lines), special systems and mechanical equipment, electric traction, security, signalling and telecommunication systems.
Activities were started in April 2009 and ended in 2012.

Consultancy services for Market Research in the freight sector
Retained by the Turkish Railways (TCDD), Italferr acted as parent company in a joint venture with Trenitalia to conduct a market survey regarding rail freight transport.
The project, financed by the World Bank, was developed into four components: from the analysis of the rail freight transport market to the development of a market strategy, and from training to improve marketing skills and experience to information and divulgation activities.
The final aims of the project were: to improve TCDD’s levels of freight services and ensure long-term profitability, by developing marketing actions and relations with customers; to design, develop and supply an adequate “freight product/service”; to change/extend the products according to the client’s needs and requirements; to develop long-term relations with the forwarding agents and the policies of integration with the various transport methods, in order to increase the clientele’s trust in rail freight transport.
The contract was completed in June 2011.