Consulting services for project implementation support, including control, monitoring and evaluation, supervision, safeguards assessment within the framework of the Project "The Constuction of Electrified Railway line Angren-Pap"
In February 2016, Italferr was awarded a contract for assisting the Uzbekistan Railways (JSC) in the implementation of the electrification of the Angren-Pap line (124 km, including a 19.2 km long railway tunnel through the Kamchik pass), in the heart of the most productive section of the country.
The contract, about 6 million dollars in value, was awarded by international tendering financed by the Word Bank and will last about 3 years.
In addition to line electrification, the project includes the supply and testing of the installation of technological systems.
The railway junction will improve annual inter-regional accessibility for a population of 7.6 million and small/medium-sized companies will be able to amplify their access to the market and increase profits. The project will contribute in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) program that is implementing a strategy for facilitating transport and trade along 6 transport corridors. The Pap-Angren line is on Corridor No. 2, that spans from East to West, from China to the Caucasus.
The project also supports the program for the industrial modernisation and development of the infrastructure over the medium term of the government and is aligned with the main pillars of the country partnership strategy for the world campaign for the 2012-2015 period.
As from February 2016 for about 3 years.