Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Efficiently managing occupational health and safety accounts for a sizeable part of Italferr's integrated management system (IMS). This methodical approach for identifying and controlling risks, within the company, involves planning the resources, roles, responsibilities, procedures, processes and training to achieve the prevention goals, in accordance with the applicable health & safety regulations.
In order to constantly improve process efficiency and effectiveness, at Italferr we invest heavily in technological innovation, continuous training and communication systems. The health and safety culture built up by Italferr over the past few years aims to transform risks into opportunities and costs into investments, implementing improvements that have led to significantly greater achievements.

Worksite Safety

Worksite safety is a key competitive and strategic factor in rail infrastructure. At Italferr we have built up vast in-depth experience in this sector, as certified by the safety index of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, one of the highest worldwide. An achievement that we have earned by acting on the entire cycle of a railway section or hub, from A to Z, envisaging already in the design stage all the possible actions for improving site safety as effectively and cost-effectively as possible. 
At Italferr we know how to develop safety plans and provide advisory services in respect of all types of construction projects.
The roles involved in Worksite Safety, consistently with the European Directive, as implemented in Italy are:
Project supervisors
Coordinator during project preparation stages
Coordinator during execution stages
Senior managers
Self-employed workers
External consultants
Designers of workplaces and/or workstations and of installations, machines and apparatuses
Builders, traders, rental companies, installers of equipment, machines and apparatuses.