Environmental Management System

At Italferr we are committed to safeguarding the environment, preventing pollution and complying with the applicable regulations as a cornerstone of our business strategy.

As part of  the Italferr Environmental Management System, and in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standards, Italferr has introduced a set of procedures defining the tasks, responsibilities and operational methods for all activities, to safeguard the environment. At Italferr we strive to streamline our corporate processes to ensure compliance with environmental protection requirements, in terms of both prevention and mitigating the impact on the environment and depleting natural resources. We also carry out campaigns for raising awareness on the matter among all our partners and collaborators.
All construction, supply and services contracts include a set of specific provisions for the General Contractor, for the purpose of setting up an Environmental Management System providing proof of controls in the execution stage. As part of this system, Italferr oversees and inspects the entire construction process.
We have also obtained conformity certification pursuant to the ISO 14064-1 standard for our groundbreaking carbon footprint calculation method for measuring, early in the design stage, the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the rail infrastructure.