Environmental Monitoring

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Thanks to our experience in the complex infrastructure construction sector, at Italferr we have acquired specific skills in environmental control on worksites, with a special focus on environmental monitoring activities - from planning to implementation.


Today Italferr employs qualified staff and state-of-the-art instruments (also used outside the railway engineering sector) to carry out noise and air quality measurements.

Measurements to monitor site, transport infrastructure and industrial plant activities; noise source characterisation measurements, with a special focus on transport infrastructure, worksite installations and vehicles; measurements to test sound barriers and, generally speaking, all noise mitigation systems; measurements inside the home and workplace, including “solid” noise measurements; noise tests on buildings and the onsite testing of passive acoustic requirements.

Vibration measurements to evaluate disturbance in residential areas and the effects of the vibrations on the nearby structures and buildings.

Measurements of the principal air pollution parameters by means of control units and fixed and mobile laboratories for the various impact sources (in terms of diffuse, vented and fugitive emissions) with regard to construction activities, road transport infrastructure, industrial installations and workplaces.


Analysis of the surface and ground waters (rapid field parameters and analytical investigations).

Soil, subsoil and sediment analysis; waste (characterisation and eligibility for landfill disposal).


Community perception monitoring (desk research, social media monitoring, interviews with the major stakeholders, focus groups) and media monitoring (press, radio, television and the Internet).

Monitoring the plant communities and animal species with a sort of alarm function regarding the state of the environment and the strength of the planted species.