The Carbon Footprint of Works Contracts

With the aim of promoting actions supporting environmental sustainability of works during the execution phase, Italferr has planned the implementation of a methodology that allows to measure the reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasses resulting from Contractors’ environmentally sustainable choices.

In Works Contracts of value exceeding 30 million Euros, specific prescriptions are envisaged to make sure that Contractors privilege cement and steel producers who adopt low-impact technological solutions.

In this manner, Contractors are assessed based on the environmental improvements originating from their ‘environment-friendly’ choices when procuring materials and the materials’ transportation methods. They can choose low environmental impact products by buying them from suppliers who have gained “EPD” (Environmental Product Declaration) certification. As regards transportation, Contractors can privilege suppliers who use more environmentally compatible means of transport, such as trains instead of trucks, for example.

Contractors, therefore, are expected to enter the information regarding the materials purchased in specific reports and to file the relating registration documentation (TD, EPD, certificates of origin, etc.), while establishing and keeping constantly updated a traceability register of the materials purchased. At the end of every semester, and anyhow by no later than January 30th after the end of the year of reference, the Reports envisaged by contract must be delivered to Italferr along with the documents that provide material traceability and the related certifications.

Following are the reports that indicate the reduced emission levels reached during the period of reference.