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Tendering & Compulsory Purchase


Italferr holds tendering processes – for procurement and contracting purposes – in its own name and on its own behalf, as well as in the name and on behalf of RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA (the owner of Italy’s railway network) and other FS Italiane Group companies.

Supplier Qualification

Our Supplier Qualification system has the purpose of shortlisting qualified suppliers, who are then invited to take part in tendering processes for procurement purposes.

Compulsory purchasing

Italferr has been designated by RFI – the owner of the Italian railway network – as the engineering entity responsible for conducting the compulsory purchasing procedures, in connection with the execution of public contracts providing for the construction and/or alteration of railway lines, pursuant to the Consolidated Law on Compulsory Purchase (DPR 327/2001, as amended), including the tasks and duties of the so-called “Officer in charge of the Procedures”. These activities obviously impact the land concerned by any rail infrastructure projects, and are started after the relevant bureaucratic formalities have been complied with, also entailing consultation with the competent authorities and the ordinary authorisation processes, and upon the approval by RFI of the final project deemed to be “in the public interest”. The Consolidated Law on Compulsory Purchasing lays down the procedures for notifying the general public prior to the adoption of the above mentioned measures.