Our Mission

To carry through infrastructure investments to the highest standards of quality, timing and cost effectiveness, ensuring compliance with the best technical and management practices in planning, designing, building, testing and commissioning new projects.

At Italferr we develop designs, follow through contracts on behalf of our Clients, manage engineering projects, supervise construction work in all the major railway investments by the Italian State Railways Group (FSI Group), participating in bids for Design Management and Supervision of Works, Project Management and Project Management Consulting worldwide.

The cornerstones of our corporate success are the range of groundbreaking high-tech services we can offer, our overall supervision of the projects and activities, the sheer breadth of our experience, our specific and comprehensive know-how in the field of engineering and the organisational and professional training courses we provide for our clients' management staff.

Thanks to a powerful business development strategy, combined with a stable presence in countries where large investments are being implemented, we are in the fortunate position of pooling our immense experience and flexibility for the benefit of the international market and to hold a definite edge over our competitors.

Sound ethics and a firm belief in sustainability underlie all our strategic choices, convinced as we are that only by striking a perfect balance between the needs of communities, the environment and the economy we can hope to achieve a solid and lasting progress for both our company and our country.