As a result of our international activities, Italferr has always been strategically positioned on the global markets and our innovative approach allows us to keep abreast of our competitors. Our capacity to innovate is a remarkable doorway through which to usher in the future, by adopting and sharing a cultural approach in step with a rapidly changing global market, exploiting new tools to improve the performance of the entire production cycle. Our international outlook combined with an innovative spirit has enabled us to develop design solutions for competing abroad, generating a natural propensity towards new design methods and a constant keen interest in the new developments taking place in the host countries. Italferr, in fact, has pioneered the application of the new BIM (Building Information Modelling) process, a shared 3D design platform for monitoring the entire life cycle of a project. Our commitment to innovation also transpires from our scientific research projects and our focus on sharing knowledge, which is why we view our partnership with universities as a critical part of our business strategy.