Genoa Hub

Railway traffic opens through the San Tomaso tunnel between the stations of Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole

On 1st of August 2021 yet another phase of the Infrastructural Upgrade of the Genoa Hub was completed on the “Voltri- Brignole” railway section. The activation involved the putting back into service of the existing San Tomaso tunnel after being closed for several years during which the tunnel was used as work site service route.

These actions are part of the 1st phase of the six-fold expansion of the railway lines between the stations of Genova Principe and Genova Brignole which envisages the putting back into operation of the existing San Tomaso tunnel – namely the section between the former S. Limbania stop and the junction with the Traversata Vecchia tunnel – so as to allow connection with the new Tunnel currently under construction within the context of the project for the Genoa Hub awarded to GC COCIV.

In detail, the work involved the Civil Works department for the revamping of the railway platform, the Signalling systems, the Superstructure, the ET system as well as the installation of the LFM/TLC/IM/Integrated Monitoring tunnel safety systems and the TLC with the setting up of the new VOIP telephone system and of the new BTS for broadcasting the GSM-P/GSM-R mobile signal both at the stop and inside the San Tomaso tunnel. The coordination of 5 sub-contractors parties to the related Executive Contracts and the completion of the actions within short time frames made the planning and execution of the works especially complex.

Italferr performed Detailed Design activities and verified the Execution Design developed by the Contractors, and conducted Work Supervision, coordinating work site safety and the activities for commissioning, thereby achieving an important result thanks to the commitment and dedication of all of the colleagues of the corporate departments ‘Direzione Gestione Progetti Infrastrutturali’ (Infrastructure Projects Management) and ‘Direzione Tecnologie e Sviluppo Clienti Captive’ (Captive Customers Technologies and Development).

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