Italferr strengthens its presence in the Balkans

Italferr has drafted the National Transport Plan of Serbia on behalf of the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR). The company was asked to define the development scenario of rail, road, airport and river infrastructure in the Serbian territory, which is now considered the "crossroads of the Balkans" for being crossed by the Germany/Austria and Greece/Turkey axis (Corridor No. 10), the Danube (Corridor No. 7) and the Belgrade-Bar line.

Italferr was also commissioned by the European Union representation in Belgrade to develop a new computerised system (RMS - Railway Management System) for the management and maintenance of the Serbian railway network. The services involved an aerial survey campaign of railway assets with the aim of creating the data base of the entire infrastructure examined along the Pan-European Corridor No. 10 and along the Belgrade-Bar line section, as well as the proposal of a new layout of the organisation and a new set of procedures for the introduction of an "intelligent" infrastructure diagnosis and maintenance system.

The work has been completed.