Italferr has been awarded the contract to draw up the "Construction Project of the 4th Rocade Motorway of Algiers - Lot 1" on behalf of a primary Italian contractor commissioned to carry out the work by the Algerian client ANA - Agence Nationale des Autoroutes.

The new Hanacha - Berrouaghia (4ème Rocade D'Alger) motorway crosses Algeria from west to east passing about 80 km south of the capital, rejoining the main Algerian road and motorway network. The 262-km-long final route includes 15 interchanges. The typical section consists of two three-lane carriageways plus one emergency carriageway in each direction. Italferr executed the final design of Lot 1, 33.2 km long including interchanges, roads and structural, geotechnical and hydraulic works.