Integrated Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Management System

In line with the strategies of the FS Italiane Group, Italferr sets as its primary objectives the high Quality of its activities and services, the protection of the Environment, the prevention of pollution and the Health and Safety of workers, in pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation. The adoption of an Integrated Management System complying with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Safety) standards and the relevant certifications obtained over the years confirm the company’s commitment to these important issues.

The Integrated Management System is applied by Italferr to all market activities, suppliers and contractors, with performance in line with international standards and requirements. A winning choice that today allows the company to face with full awareness the challenges of the global market.

ISO 9001 Quality certification, accorded in 1998, qualifies Italferr among the top-ranking engineering companies worldwide.

The Quality Management System makes it possible to manage in a more systematic and effective manner any nonconformities and to continuously improve the contractual requirements as well as the organisation dedicated to controlling the work. To respond to the growing competitiveness of the markets with a view to customer satisfaction, the Company prepares for each job order a quality plan that defines objectives, structure, program, interfaces, control methods and performance. Italferr thus moves from a culture based exclusively on "direct control" to an approach that values "inspection control" of products and construction processes. This way of operating has enabled Italferr to play an important role in the design area, contributing to the dissemination of the new quality management system in Italy and abroad, both among Contractors and among all Principals.

Within its own Management System for the Environment, drafted in compliance with the provisions of UNI EN ISO 14001, Italferr has acquired procedures that define the tasks, responsibilities and operational methods to be carried out in order to achieve constant environmental protection.

The Company seeks to optimise its business processes in such a way as to ensure compliance with environmental protection requirements, both in terms of prevention and containment of environmental impacts and resource consumption, as well as to promote greater environmental awareness among the organisations with which it collaborates. Each contract includes a set of specific requirements for the Contractor to implement an Environmental Management System that provides evidence of control at the execution stage. As part of this system, Italferr carries out surveillance activities and inspections of the entire construction process. Moreover, Italferr has obtained certification of compliance with the ISO 14064-1 standard for the innovative methodology relating to the calculation of the Climate Footprint, which makes it possible to measure, as early as the design phase, the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the construction phase of railway infrastructure.

Efficiently managing occupational health and safety accounts for a sizeable part of Italferr's integrated management system (IMS).

The methodological approach to identifying and controlling risks involves planning, within the corporate organisational structure, of resources, roles, responsibilities, procedures, processes and training in order to achieve prevention objectives in compliance with current health and safety regulations. In this regard, to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, the Company invests in technological innovation, ongoing training and communication systems. The safety culture developed in recent years by Italferr aims to transform its activity from risk to opportunity, from cost to investment, by implementing improvement solutions that lead to increasingly higher results.

Italferr plays a leading role in Italy in the development and application of Integrated Management Systems in Construction Contracts.

Since the beginning of its engineering activities, the company has required construction companies to apply Quality Assurance requirements in the construction of railway works (in 1994, the Rome-Naples High Speed Line was the first project to adopt Quality Assurance contract clauses). It subsequently prescribed the same companies to operate in accordance with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System, in 2002) and BS OHSAS 18001 (Safety Management System, in 2009) while simultaneously achieving the relevant certifications as well as accreditation for project validation in accordance with ISO 17020 and public procurement regulations.

The development of a Management System to guide the process of applying the BIM method in the company has made it possible to organize internal and external processes, facilitating their integration with a view to continuous improvement.

The certification of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) Management System related to design, procurement and works supervision activities, issued by the international body ICMQ, attests to the level of maturity of Italferr's BIM Management System as well as its effective integration within the broader corporate Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management System.