FS Group Industrial Plan: created the infrastructure business hub

RFI, Italferr, Anas, and FSE together for increasingly connected, integrated and resilient infrastructures.

With the new business plan, the FS Group places itself even more at the center of the mobility ecosystem, thanks to an integrated system of various infrastructures and modes of transport that will create value for the country. In this context, the new Infrastructure business hub will play a fundamental role, which includes RFI, the sector leader, Italferr, Anas, and the infrastructure part of Ferrovie del Sud Est: an hub to create sustainable, accessible and integrated infrastructure.

A plan that envisages 160 billion investments for the Infrastructure hub between now and 2031, with 110 billion for the railway sector and 50 billion for the road sector, with a particular focus on network development, maintenance, safety and technologies. 

The ambitious plan aims to upgrade and integrate the rail and road networks, making them both more modern, resilient, interconnected and accessible to all. A synergy that must already be present starting from the planning phase of the works, defining and specializing the roles of the various infrastructures, but also in those of design, technological development and maintenance. Thanks to this connection between the two realities, we want to make Italy closer, reducing travel times between the main cities and reaching all the country's urban centers in a capillary manner. The rail-road synergy will make it possible to integrate around 50,000 km of arterial roads between railway lines, state roads and motorways, which host over 9,000 trains and 7.4 million vehicles a day.

To overcome these challenges, however, the way of thinking must also be changed, investing in infrastructure works with a long-term vision and planning. The ten-year plan of the FS Group goes precisely in this direction, to have visibility over the entire life cycle of the infrastructural works that will be built and, consequently, financing in a "whole life" logic. A model that bears virtuous fruits if it were able to give certainty of execution of the works on schedule. Investors in tourism, real estate and entrepreneurial industries could plan their interventions, contractors stock up and protect themselves from unpredictable cost increases.