Brenner Tunnel: completion of the Isarco Underpass works

Italferr, in the role of Director of Works, during the various works execution phases

Construction of the “Isarco Underpass” for the Brenner Basis Tunnel has beensuccessfully completed.

Italferr, the Engineering Company in the Gruppo FS's Infrastructures Hub, in consortium with other companies, headed Direction of Works for all the works execution phases.   This was a great challenge with complex works, essential to upgrading the Verona – Innsbruck – Monaco main line, (TEN-T CORE CORRIDOR N. 5 “Scandinavia – Mediterranean, Helsinki-La Valletta), as well as fore increasing the efficiency of passenger and freight traffic.

The geological context and presence of the Isarco River, the Brenner Motorway, State Road 12, and the Verona - Brenner railway line, called for the adoption of design solutions with heightened technical content, such as the use of freezing of the earth to allow safe excavation of the tunnels under the Isarco River.

This was an important step ahead in creating the longest railway tunnel in the world. In fact, the Brenner tunnel is an infrastructure of enormous strategic importance not only for Italy, but also for the entire European mobility system. Completion of the entire section will result in a 69% reduction in travelling times, and will increase the freight transport capacity of the main line by 50%.