Brenner Base Tunnel. Italferr carries out the Works Supervision and PMC operations of the lots "Periadriatic exploratory tunnel" and "Isarco undercrossing." The former envisages a 2-bore tunnel connected by transverse tunnels that in an emergency can become escape routes according to the highest safety standards. The "Isarco undercrossing" includes about 4 km of line tunnels and a 1.6 km section for interconnections with the Fortezza Station. The geological context required the use of ground freezing for excavation under the river. The work will join Italy with Austria, become the longest rail tunnel in the world, and will reduce the travel time from Fortezza to Innsbruck from 80 to 25 minutes.

‘Terzo Valico dei Giovi’ Tunnel. Italferr performs the High Supervision works for the "Giovi Tunnel." The work constitutes a new "corridor" that integrates and enhances the system of lines between the Ligurian port basin, the Po Valley and Northern Europe, with an important increase in transport capacity, particularly freight. 39 km in tunnel connected to the existing line by 4 planned interconnections totalling 14 km at Voltri, Genoa Parco Campasso, Novi Ligure and Tortona. The underground sections consist mostly of 2 single-track tunnels and cross-connections, ensuring the safe exit of travellers in case of an emergency, according to the highest safety standards.

Turin-Lyon Base Tunnel. The main structure of the Turin-Lyon Cross-Border Section is represented by the 57 km long base tunnel with a double-bore, single-track configuration and transverse connections that ensure the safe exit of travellers in an emergency. Italferr provides a range of engineering services concerning the international section of the project. In addition, Italferr performs the Executive Design (PRO Phase) of one of the three lots of the France Side Base Tunnel and the preparation of the tender documents and Work Supervision of the lot that will complete the Base Tunnel on the Italian side.

Bologna Railway Link - Torino-Salerno HS/HC Line. Italferr carried out the design up to the executive phase and the Supervision of Works of the link, consisting of in about 10 km of underground works, including foremost the double-bore South access tunnel to the HS station, about 6 km long. Mechanised excavation was chosen, considering the geotechnical context to be crossed through, with the use of cutters with continuous face pressure support, of Earth Pressure Balance - EPB type. Due to the need to pass under several throughways, innovative "active" soil consolidation techniques were applied to prevent subsidence during excavation (compensation grouting) never before adopted in Italy in the excavation of tunnels.

INDIA Himalaya Tunnel. Italferr is engaged in the detailed design and PMC services for the construction of 17 tunnels for a total length of about 105 km. The project is part of the new railway line connecting Rishikesh to Karnaprayag in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Bologna-Firenze section in a tunnel. Italferr supervised the design and construction of the works. The section is 78.5 km long, 73.3 km of run in tunnels. It is a kind of "base tunnel" for crossing the Apennines, designed and built in very complex geological contexts.  The construction of 9 double-track conventional tunnels, including 4 more than 10 km long, took place using state-of-the-art methods, thereby allowing the streamlining of tunnel advancement even during the application of the conventional excavation method. The safety system is enhanced by the presence of intermediate secondary tunnels located every 4 km and the service/emergency tunnel at Vaglia.

TURKEY Eurasia Tunnel. The Joint Venture between Italferr and Altinok Consulting Engineering Inc was awarded the tender issued by the Ministry of Transport of Turkey (AYGM) to carry out the activities of Works Supervision during the development phases of the detailed design, execution, testing and commissioning of the Eurasia Tunnel, an intercontinental road link between the Kazliçeşme district in the European area of Istanbul and the Göztepe district in the Asian area, crossing underneath the Bosphorus strait.


Cassia-Monte Mario Tunnel Rome Hub. Italferr carried out the executive design and Works Supervision activities for the structural reinforcement works of the structure, with demolition and reconstruction of the inverted arch. The activities were carried out by successfully adopting a state-of-the-art technique in the field of underground works known as artificial ground freezing. Freezing probes were set up, built inside the tunnel, in the inverted arch and on the piers, through which refrigerant fluid was circulated to freeze the ground to a temperature of -10°C.

PERU ‘Trasandino’ Tunnel. Italferr, in a business association with other international engineering companies, is involved in the feasibility study and detailed design of the Trans-Andean tunnel consisting of three important tunnels: San Bartolomé - 5 km; San Miguel de Viso - 15 km and Trasandino - 25 km. The activities are part of the broader project to develop a 45 km long rail link between the city of Lima and the Huancayo region, focused principally on the transportation study, economic-financial analyses and technological solutions to be adopted and on the architectural components concerning the tunnel.