Italferr conducts careful environmental surveillance of construction sites through inspections, periodic inspections and document checks including using the most innovative technologies.

The awareness that the construction phase represents a particularly critical and complex moment has led Italferr to structure a complete and effective control system for the environmental management of construction sites. As part of its Environmental Management System, Italferr has procedures that define tasks, responsibilities and operating methods to ensure constant environmental supervision of construction sites.

A team of experts constantly verifies compliance with applicable environmental regulations and legislative requirements and the proper management of environmental aspects during the construction phase, the implementation of the mitigation measures envisaged by the project, and compliance with contractual requirements regarding the containment of CO2 emissions, encouraging the application of sustainability-oriented best practices.

The potential presence of environmental liabilities at areas or properties under temporary occupation, being taken possession of or expropriated and the proper implementation and application of the Environmental Management System (EMS) for site activities are continuously monitored, including by conducting audit activities. In particular, the Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System, which complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of processes in order to increase customer satisfaction, improve performance and provide products and services in line with applicable legislative requirements.

Via targeted shadowing activities and the inclusion of specific contractual clauses in the tender agreements, Italferr has effectively involved the contractors in the development of a site Environmental Management system, implementing a control model designed to:

  • STANDARDIZE integrated environmental design activities with environmental oversight on all works under construction, with specific prescriptions on all procurement contracts;
  • GUARANTEE effective oversight of construction sites through Environmental Monitoring, Legislative Compliance Verification, Environmental Audits, Environmental Control of Construction Sites;
  • RAISE AWARENESS in the construction companies on the proper management of environmental issues through training and mentoring activities.