Italferr in the country for the development of the Adriatic-Balkan Corridor

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has assigned Italferr the technical and financial study for the rehabilitation of the Belgrade-Bar railway line, part of the wider multimodal transport corridor Bari-Belgrade-Timisoara (Corridor No. 11), a strategic axis between the Adriatic Sea and the heart of South-Eastern Europe that connects the Serbian capital with the coast of Montenegro, joined in turn by sea to southern Italy through the ports of Bari and Brindisi.

A unique investment and profit opportunity for the "Italian System" to promote transport infrastructure between Southern Italy and the Balkan area, adapting the new rail link between Belgrade and Bar: a bridge between the Southern Adriatic and the South Danubian area.

In terms of infrastructure, the Belgrade-Bar railway line consists of a single electrified track 454.8 km long, running partly in Serbia (about 280 km), partly in Montenegro (about 165 km), and partly in Bosnia-Herzegovina (about 10 km). The line is designed to support speeds ranging from 75 km/h to 120 km/h. It has 52 stations, 41 stops, 252 tunnels and 11 tunnels over a total length of 118 km, and 283 bridges and viaducts over a total length of 15.6 km.

The work was completed in January 2011.