One of the largest potential rail investments ever considered in the United States and the only project currently under real study on the North American HS front.

Italferr has been engaged alongside the Salini Impregilo-Lane Group in the technical assistance and design activities preparatory to the construction phase of the Texas high-speed rail line between Houston and Dallas. The final design called for 390 kilometers of rail track, state-of-the-art technological systems and civil engineering works to connect the two U.S. cities in 90 minutes.

The activities carried out allowed constant and dynamic comparison between civil and rail components, and effective verification of the implemented civil projects.

Texas Central is the new 240-mile (385 km) high-speed passenger rail line that will connect Dallas and Houston (with 3 stations located in Dallas, Brazos Valley and Houston). This mega project, mainly structured via an elevated route, will require an investment of about $4 billion for civil engineering works and an expected travel time of about 90 minutes, guaranteed by Japanese technology and rolling stock (Shinkansen N700).

The new HS rail line will have a major impact on the Texan community and will contribute to the fast and sustainable connection between the two cities.