TEN-T CORE CORRIDOR N. 3 "Mediterranean" 

It represents one of the strategic points of the national and international rail network as is a key interchange hub between the port and rail systems on the Genoa-Ventimiglia, Tyrrhenian and Milan-Genoa routes.


The new High-Speed/High-Capacity "Terzo Valico" line will make it possible to strengthen the connections of the Ligurian port system with the main rail lines in northern Italy and with the rest of Europe.

Consistent with the strategy of favouring environmentally sustainable modes of transport, recently reaffirmed by the European Union with the Faro Initiative, the project will make it possible to transfer substantial shares of freight traffic from road to rail, with benefits for the environment, for safety and for society.

Italferr has been entrusted with the Health & Safety Supervision and Supervision of Works of the Terzo Valico, one of the most important railway infrastructure elements among those under construction in Italy today, which will enable the Ligurian port system to be connected to the main railway lines in northern Italy and to the rest of Europe.

The work is part of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, Europe's most important north-south axis on which the largest volume of goods transported in Europe moves through the countries with the greatest industrial vocation (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy), connecting the Mediterranean with the North Sea and the ports of the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea with those of Northern Europe.

53 KM (80% IN TUNNELS)
200-250 km/h
14 municipalities in the provinces of Genoa and Alessandria
Valico Tunnel (27 Km with 4 secondary Tunnels)