Italferr at the UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail in Marrakech

The company of the FS Group among the world leaders in high-speed rail.

The eleventh edition of the UIC World Congress on High-Speed ​​Rail, organized by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and the Moroccan Railways (ONCF), was held from 7 to 10 March at the Palais des Congrès in Marrakech, Morocco. A global event, which brings together the world key players of high-speed rail.

With the slogan "High-speed rail: the right speed for our planet", the congress aimed to highlight the contribution of the railway in tackling climate change and its role in territorial development.

Italferr, together with the FS Group, took part in the work sessions focused on in-depth analysis and sharing of best practices on the main issues of infrastructural development and digitalisation.

Two appointments that saw the protagonists, among others, Italferr professionals. Domenico Caputo, head of Geotechnics south Unit brought to Marrakech the experience, in the design and field phases, of the construction of railway embankments with pyroclastic soils stabilized with lime, coming from the excavation of the artificial tunnel in the Naples - Cancello section, 1st lot of the Naples – Bari high-speed railway line.

The stabilization technique with lime represents a valid solution to the need for soils with high geotechnical characteristics, with an undeniable improvement in the impact on the territory and the cost of the infrastructure, for which the supply from borrow quarries is a significant item. Caputo then underlined the results achieved and the expected benefits in terms of sustainability.

Isabella Selmi, responsible for standards and data architecture, instead focused on the effectiveness of the combination of Digitization and Sustainability through the integration in the BIM process, right from the early stages of the design, of structured information models with data useful for the LCA analysis.

In her speech, Selmi elaborated on the project under development in Italferr, financed at national level within the framework of the National Operational Program for Enterprises and Competitiveness through the Fund for sustainable growth, the purpose of which is to create a tool which, by exploiting the work carried out with RFI in the development of a standard relating to BIM libraries, allows designers to carry out LCA - Life Cycle Assessment assessments for high-speed railway projects, linking the data present in the BIM objects with the LCA database.

Attending the World Congress on High-Speed ​​Rail confirms Italferr and the FS Group among the main players in the panorama of high-speed rail mobility.