Italferr considers the health and safety of its people a priority, the pursuit of which is possible thanks to the unceasing commitment of a team of professionals working in a coordinated manner to ensure the spread of a culture of safety and the adoption of safety-oriented behaviours:

  • at construction sites, thanks to the activity carried out by the Works Managers and Safety Coordinators (both in the design and execution phases) with the constant support of the Safety Design and Construction Sites and of the Workers’ Safety Services and Training structures, so that interventions are carried out in full compliance with safety obligations, both in the design phase and during construction;
  • at their workplaces, thanks to the Prevention and Protection Service.

The dissemination of safety culture in the company is supported by multiple initiatives.

Alongside the numerous awareness-raising campaigns supported by the Company's top management and that each year, on Safety Day, lead to the awarding of prizes to the most incisive projects and to colleagues who have distinguished themselves as safety ambassadors during the year, other innovative training projects have been implemented.

Within this context, the Safety Trade School, conceived during the lockdown period, plays a key role. Created in order to prepare new resources to hold positions pertaining to Safety in the Design Phase, in the Project Execution Phase and in the field of Workplace Safety, the school trains them in both technical and managerial aspects, through:

  • innovative teaching with experienced faculty;
  • continuous mentoring in the field by mentors;
  • group work and panel discussions on specific topics conducted by the learners themselves;
  • networking.

By making learning time efficient, all of this facilitates generational turnover within the company while preserving its highly specialized technical skills.

Today, Italferr is in its second edition of the Trade School, with more than 90 participants, coming not only from different Specialties and Departments (environment, geology, archaeology, civil, technological and multidisciplinary procurement), but also involving Crew colleagues.

The added value of this multifaceted approach brings completeness to Safety roles, preparing participants to have a broad and comprehensive view of the works to follow.