Design follows a model characterised by a multidisciplinary approach in which gradually the most advanced infrastructure and technological standards are implemented, according to an integrated system vision, to ensure the best results in terms of performance, safety, reliability and availability in the different transport sectors.

Italferr is engaged in the design, development and realisation of the High Speed/High Capacity project. This is the most important and extensive investment program in the railway field ever to be undertaken in Italy.

Between Turin and Salerno, travel today is carried out on the High Speed/High Capacity system. This is a historic milestone for the country's mobility, achieved at the conclusion of a project that is totally Italian in infrastructure, trains and know-how. It uses ERTMS-ETCS level 2 signalling technology that, because it guarantees the highest levels of safety, has been adopted as an official standard by the European Union. The new climate- and environment-friendly network has revolutionised Italy's social, economic and cultural life from North to South, and it frees up space on historic tracks for the benefit of local and freight transport.

This achievement has made Italferr a credible, reliable and experienced partner and qualifies it as a privileged interlocutor of major institutional investors, placing it in the small circle of the world's top 10 railway engineering companies.


Italferr brings its wealth of experience and flexibility on long-distance railway lines to the international forefront, taking a strategic role in the modernisation and development process of international HS/HC rail networks.

Italferr actively contributes to the realisation of large works, included in the main corridors of the Trans European Network-Transport (TEN-T) network, which play a fundamental role in enhancing the centrality, accessibility and integration of the Italian territory and its productive and logistic system within the European context.

The routes along which the new HS/HC lines are developed, from North to South and from West to East, represent the ideal crossroads of a more complex and articulated large-scale transport system, functional to the integration between the areas of influence of the Mediterranean basin with those of Northern Europe and between Western Europe and the expanding markets of Eastern Europe.

Italferr's constant participation in the realization of the system of Alpine passes, integrated within the context of the Italian HS/HC system, constitutes a very demanding and complex challenge and offers a unique opportunity to measure itself with cross-border realities in which it is necessary to apply regulations and new design, project management and implementation methodologies, shared and harmonised among the states involved in the promotion of the works.

For over 30 years Italferr has been putting the best engineering skills at the service of the country to revolutionise the world of transportation and the mobility system.

The development and modernisation of Italy's historical railway network, according to the most advanced infrastructural, technological and safety standards, integrated with the High Speed/High Capacity system, responds to the changing mobility needs related to the growth of national and international passenger and freight traffic. Italferr makes a constant, high-profile contribution to the development of the national infrastructure through major upgrading, reinforcement and renewal works on the main routes of the Italian railway network.

Projected into the future with cutting-edge technologies, the network ranks first in the world for safety and reliability. Tens of thousands of kilometers of track and electrified lines, hundreds of bridges, tunnels and stations enable, every year, the safe and sustainable transport of millions of travellers and tons of goods, forming a dense fabric of connections between small towns and large cities.

On the strength of its experience, Italferr now offers itself on the international market with interventions that essentially involve track doubling and quadrupling, the upgrading and requalification of existing lines, and finally the installation of technological systems for traction, safety, and operation management.

Italferr carries out infrastructural and technological interventions in the main metropolitan areas in order to ensure the implementation, at the main railway junctions, of systems capable of guaranteeing high transport capacity and regularity, as well as the integration with the main railway lines and with the important means of transport for urban mobility.

It designs and builds new stations and parking lots, advanced technological systems, the insertion of lines in the territory and urban redevelopment interventions to facilitate and improve the exchange between the different modes of transport in an integrated vision of metropolitan traffic, constantly measuring itself on the market and increasingly affirming the quality of "Made in Italy" engineering.