Italferr designs traditional and innovative technological installations and systems intended for railway traffic, realising them up to the pre-operational phase. Integrated solutions to increase traffic potential and network safety, translating into lower operating and maintenance costs.

The use of innovative technologies has found its highest expression in the new traffic command/control system called ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) - ETCS (European Traffic Control System) level 2, which saw its first European application on the Rome-Naples high-speed section and its subsequent extension to all Italian HS/HC lines, realising a worldwide first. These technologies represent the natural development of traditional system solutions in the field of train traffic safety, which has always been the cornerstone of the entire philosophy of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane. Italferr today holds the relevant know-how. This context also includes the new 2x25 kV electrification system implemented with particularly high performance requirements and adopted in the HS/HC line sections.


The use of innovative technological systems in railway traffic finds its highest expression in ERTMS "European Rail Traffic Management System"/ETCS "European Train Control System" Level 2. ERTMS is the traffic management and train protection system chosen by the European Commission to implement the Union's single transport market by promoting the interoperability of national rail networks and cross-border rail transport. The ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 system saw its first European application on the Rome-Naples High Speed line and was subsequently extended to all Italian HS/HC lines, achieving a world record.


GSM-Railway, a mobile radio communication standard adopted on a trans-European level by the railway industry to ensure the control and operation of rail traffic according to the principles of interoperability, is a part of ERTMS. The Italian GSM-R network has been developed since 2004 and has come to cover more than 10,000 km of lines of which more than 1,000 run through tunnels.

Through the GSM-R system, the following main functions are ensured:

- operational and emergency voice communications among railroad operating personnel;

- data communications for train running control and command (ETCS).


The new Italian HS/HC sections are electrified with 2x25 kV AC, and the electric traction systems are designed to meet the performance requirements associated with the new type of traffic that involves trains travelling at 300 km/h.