The sustainability survey offers a clear reading of the socio-economic and environmental opportunities of the territories affected by the projects, providing - via specific sustainability indicators - an objective measure of the value generated by the project in the context of reference and useful elements for the definition of an effective content strategy towards stakeholders.

Sustainability surveys and reports provide a clear reading on the potential to generate value for communities, as related to infrastructure interventions. Through the measurement of sustainability indicators, the analyses developed highlight the benefits offered by infrastructure projects in terms of economic, environmental, social and tourism development of the territories also by virtue of the specific characteristics of the areas affected by the interventions.

The surveys and reports also highlight the attention paid during project development to the identification of solutions, in line with the directions of the global sustainable development strategy geared towards improving levels of territorial cohesion, environmental protection, efficient use of resources. All this with a view to the circular economy, increased infrastructure resilience and the creation of new connections for sustainable mobility and value for the development of territories.