BIM is a veritable revolution in the way even large-scale infrastructure works, such as railways, are designed, built and maintained.

In asset management, it is essential to consider the whole-life cost of the work and not just the cost of its construction. Cost reduction in the maintenance and management phases of the infrastructure are necessary elements in the planning of the works themselves. BIM therefore makes it possible to integrate planning with economic-financial plans that concretely target the realisation of the infrastructure, including through the achievement of very high quality standards in projects.

The strategic importance of the structures that Italferr designs, accompanied by their intrinsic complexity, make the issue of integrating the Operation & Maintenance phases into the BIM process an indispensable area of research and development.

Italferr is committed to the development of implementation strategies regarding BIM models, ensuring the organisation of data according to the logic of Information Management aimed at information exchange with maintenance management systems, including through the integration of monitoring data, ensuring the accessibility and uniqueness of information in the transfer to stakeholders.