We know that the absence of information generates uncertainty about events and conditions that, when they occur, impact the degree to which the objectives of any activity, process, or project can be achieved.

For many years, we have been studying, experimenting and analysing unforeseen events in order to understand how this happens. We have studied many contexts, gathered information, identified many threats and seized many opportunities. We are now able to do Risk Management in a way that effectively helps organisations and stakeholders to achieve their goals.

The creation and protection of value is our mission. This is why we pay great attention to the sustainability of our business, which must always save more resources than it requires.

Our commitment generates resilience and helps everyone to get the most out of their work. This awareness is the source of our satisfaction and the origin of our passion.

If you would like to learn more about risk management, please visit our DIVULGATION SECTION but know as of now that Risk Management for Italferr is...  

Project Risk Management

help project managers keep risk under control, increase the reliability of forecasts, anticipate problems and solve them while they are still 'small'.

We have developed innovative and reliable identification and assessment methodologies, quantitative analysis models and ways of representing the results. In addition, we train analysts capable of both performing all Context and Risk analyses and of supporting PMs in selecting the best actions and treatment strategies.

Operational Risk Management

... help top managers understand the reliability of forecasts and budgets as well as process owners who want to ensure production stability.

Operational risk management makes it possible to analyse day-by-day operations by limiting risks and incidents that can undermine normal operations and unwanted variations in performance.

Risk Based Thinking and Risk Analysis

... help those intent on complying with the requirements of management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (Quality, Environment and Safety), SA 8000 (Social Accountability), ISO 22301 (Business Continuity), ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery), UNI/PdR 78 (BIM).

We perform qualitative and quantitative risk analyses for uncertainty management, support the dissemination of an appropriate Risk-Based Thinking approach in risk management, and demonstrate the impartiality of Inspection Bodies to reduce conflicts of interest.

Risk Based Inspections

... develop tools that enable the planning of inspections and audits on the basis of risk-based logic, focusing them on the subjects and processes most likely to reveal non-conformities.

An 'in-house product' we have called MARIO (Immediate Output Risk Analysis Models) and used to get the most out of supplier audits and inspections.

Risk Communication

... make the results of our work understood and utilised.

Risk communication is the final step of any process and is where our work really creates value. That is why we have studied, applied and developed ways of communicating and representing results that are based on the way of thinking of those who have to make decisions based on them.

Risk Research, Training and Divulgation

... help improve the field of Risk Management by sharing our knowledge and by working with anyone interested in this goal.

That is why we collaborate with associations, institutions and universities and seek out young talents to offer them the opportunity to carry out research and innovation projects.

Belonging to an “extended family”

... play our part in the Risk Management activities carried out at FS Italiane Group level.

Over time, the FS Italiane Group has set up various structures that support Management in the definition and implementation of adequate management and monitoring systems of the main risks and controls (Risk Management, Chief Risk Officer, Anti-Bribery Unit, Compliance and Data Protection). In this context, the Group's Chief Risk Officer carries out the overall coordination and management of the corporate risk management process.