The issue of safety is addressed using a multidisciplinary approach aimed at integration among the subsystems that make up the rail system (infrastructure, rolling stock and operating procedures), whether open air (lines, stations) or underground (tunnels, stations).

Safety planning, increasingly characterised by a Safety Management-oriented vision, has gradually been enriched with decision-making (survey) tools by integrating a new Risk Analysis methodology developed within Italferr following the development of a careful benchmarking activity applied to the transport infrastructure sector.

In the field of safety analysis, significant importance is given to the use of Fire Engineering to investigate, through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) deterministic models, the mode of initiation and development of a fire within a system (railway carriage, tunnel, station) and the expected effects on the evacuation of people (EVAC Tool Performance Analysis - FDS Fire Dynamic Simulator), the resistance of structures and the possibility of intervention of rescue teams.

RAMS & System Assurance

As is customary within the FS Group, Italferr places the needs of safety and continuity of railway operations at the top of its actions, exporting these methods and processes internationally and applying the same approach, assurance and risk thinking in different areas.

Data analysis, typical of RAMS and Risk Analysis activities, together with the monitoring of maintenance performance, naturally results in a Data Driven Approach that leads to the ever increasing implementation of a Data and Information Management System, allowing Italferr to provide engineering support to the client in ensuring RAMS performance even during operation.