Italferr among the key figures at the 39th National Congress of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene (AIDII)

Presenting the supervisory activity of the Environmental Site Control on the HS/HC section of the 'Terzo Valico dei Giovi' line

On 14 June 2023, as part of the 39th AIDII National Congress, a training seminar was held on Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Issues in the Development of New Infrastructure, organised by the AIDII North West section.

The seminar, attended by qualified representatives of the University of Genoa, of the Port Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea and of the Genoa Coast Guard, dealt with the theme of the management of workers' health and safety and environmental protection in the world of infrastructure, focusing on the two most dynamic sectors in Liguria at the moment, i.e.  port and railway structures.

Starting from an overview of the regulatory framework of reference in the two areas, with a focus on the operating methods of management of the issues of interest and on the inspection and verification procedures in use also by the control bodies, the review peaked with the intervention of the technicians representing the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub.

More specifically, the speeches by RFI's UST colleagues were followed by the report by Mr. Gennaro Petito, Italferr's Environment Representative, who illustrated the main environmental impacts related to the construction of the 'Terzo Valico dei Giovi', focusing on the application of the Asbestos Management Protocol adopted at the construction sites related to the aforementioned project.

The support activity that the Construction Sites' Environmental Control structure provides to the Works Supervision division on the entire HS/HC section under construction aroused great interest. In fact, during the debate scheduled at the end of the presentations, the audience expressed great curiosity regarding the methods used to implement the operational control, the methods employed in the implementation of the environmental monitoring campaigns underway, and in particular the instrumentation used to ensure the monitoring of asbestos fibres that may have been airborne during greenstone excavation activities, a specific feature of the project under consideration.

The circumstance represented a useful opportunity to underline the decisive role played by Italferr in its capacity as the technical subject of the Infrastructure Hub and the added value brought by the company's activity within the scope of projects of strategic importance for Italy.