"The Construction Site: Work of Art for the Environment and the Territory"

Technical Workshop on the ‘Construction Site Environmental Project’ (PAC)

On the 22nd of  June, at the Sala Traini of Italferr's headquarters in Via V. G. Galati No. 71 in Rome, the Environmental and Territorial Engineering Structure - Land Management and Construction Site Environmental Design Sector of Italferr, the engineering company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub, promoted a Technical Workshop focused on the Construction Site Environmental Project (PAC) as well as on the new approaches adopted in the field of construction site sustainability.

The meeting, to which the ambitious title has been attributed, is aimed at the main players involved in the complex process of design and environmental management of the construction site, with the objective of sharing some new technical elements to be developed during the design phase and implemented during construction.

Given the peculiarity of the topic and the many activities connected with the PAC, the invitation to the meeting was therefore extended both to the external Design Support Companies (Ambiente S.p.A., Batimat S.r.l., Etacons S.r.l., IRIDE S.r.l., M&B S.a.s., VDP S.r.l.) and to Italferr colleagues mainly belonging to the Organisational Structures Environmental and Land Engineering (Land Reclamation and Environmental Due Diligence, Hydrogeological Instability, Land Management and Construction Site Environmental Design, Water Management), Construction Site Set-up, Environment (Environmental Studies and Design, Environmental Authorisations and Climate-Resilience, Energy Saving, Environmental Monitoring), HSQE, Field & Safety Operations (Construction Site Environmental Control and Safety) and to S.O. Sustainabilità.

By virtue of the specific contents of the PAC, the Workshop also illustrated the introduction into this technical-planning document of the principles set forth in the document "The Sustainable Construction Site: Methodological Guideline Document" issued by AIS (Sustainable Infrastructure Association) in October 2022.