Building Information Modeling: the digital methodology for the infrastructure of the future

The BIM Supplier Workshop was held at the Italferr headquarters in Rome and via remote connection

As a forerunner and a leader in Building Information Modeling, the Engineering Company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub was among the first companies, back in 2018, to certify its corporate BIM Management System and since then annually undergoes the audit for certification renewal through the ICMQ body (cert. No. 18004BIM of 2022).

The BIM Supplier Workshop provided a valuable opportunity to outline new perspectives for the development of digital, resilient and integrated infrastructure.

Italferr CEO Andrea Nardinocchi opened the proceedings

Other speakers for Italferr included Fabrizio Ranucci, Purchasing Director, who spoke about the BIM qualification system and contracting procedures; Daniela Aprea, Director of Technology, Innovation Digital who spoke about Information Management and the work life cycle; Cinzia Gatto, BIM expert, who spoke about the regulatory impact on digital methodologies; and Francesco Folino, BIM Manager, who spoke about methods and workflows for digital information management of design and planning.

Daria Piccioni of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana spoke about the NRRP and infrastructure development plans.

Consolidating this digital methodology in all its phases, from concept through design, construction, and subsequent maintenance engineering, is a fundamental goal for meeting the challenges ahead.