Asian Development Bank: conference “Business opportunities for Italian companies”

Italferr brings its international experience to the Opportunity by Sector panel

Italferr, the engineering company of the Infrastructure Hub of the FS Italiane Group, has been invited to join the "Business opportunities for Italian companies” that ADB, Asian Development Bank, held on March 4th with the sponsorship of the Italian Foreign Ministry, Confindustria, and ITA Italian Trade Agency.

Specifically, Italferr has joined ADB and other Industry Representatives in the “Opportunity by Sector” panel, discussing the many opportunities that lie in the cooperation with International Financial Institutions such as, ADB.

Italferr has been keen to share how throughout its 40 years’ of international presence, it has been successfully cooperating in Europe, Africa, Central America, and Asia Pacific, with International Financial Institutions such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank (EIB), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Inter-American Development Bank.

As an example of success story of cooperation with Asian Development Bank, Italferr has shared the lessons learnt on the contracts secured in Uzbekistan within the Angren-Pap railway line Project (beneficiary JSC Uzbekiston Temir Yullari, UTY) and, specifically, the Project Management Consultancy for the electrification of the Angren-Pap-Kokhand-Andijan Section, and for the Pap-Namangan-Andijan Section.

Therefore, an expertise recognized at a global level which has brought the name of Italferr to the table of ADB, among the main institutional financiers of numerous initiatives in Asia and, in particular, in India, target country of the FS Group and in which the Company is already active with various ongoing projects.

Once again, cutting-edge solutions, high engineering expertise and knowledge of the markets make Italferr a consolidated presence on the global scene.