Bentley Systems Awards: Italferr wins the Survey and Monitoring category

After 4 years, Italferr returns to Singapore to win at the “2023 Going Digital Award of Infrastructure”

At the 2023 Going Digital Award of Infrastructure competition organised by the infrastructure engineering software company Bentley Systems and that envisages 12 award categories, Italferr was one of the leading participants of the event with two projects selected for the finals from out of the over 300 candidates coming from 235 companies representing 51 countries.

Digital Twin of St. Peter’s Basilica and PFTE+ Salerno-Reggio Calabria High Speed Line - Lot 1A) were the two projects selected by the qualified technical jury panel and that sparked enormous interest in the discerning international audience.

The resounding names of the participants and the depth of the competing projects made the candidature alone a source of enormous pride for the engineering company of FS Group's Infrastructure Hub.

The awards, which took place in Singapore on 12 October 2023, were preceded by two intense and busy days packed with interviews, project presentations, illustration of technical details, networking with international colleagues and conferences.

Italferr was declared the winner with the Digital Twin of St. Peter's Basilica project in the Survey and Monitoring category, generating enthusiasm throughout the room also for the scenic impact of the evocative images of the digitised historical building portrayed on the megascreens.

“… and the winner is Italferr” resounded loudly and our delegation took the stage, proud to represent the company and the entire FS Group, the competence of Italian engineering and the value of all of Italferr's resources.

Daniela Aprea, Head of Italferr's TID Spoke & Digital Rail Infrastructure Development Department, spontaneously commented "Singapore brings us luck!", recalling the equally important result obtained four years ago when Italferr won The Year in Infrastructure Awards 2019 for the design of the HS/HC Napoli-Bari line, while also receiving a special mention in the Bridges category for the new Viaduct over the Polcevera river in Genoa.