Lamezia Terme – Catanzaro Lido line

ERTMS technology/infrastructure upgrade 

Work continues on the implementation of the ERTMS technology/infrastructure upgrade on the Lamezia Terme - Catanzaro Lido line.

The contract, which falls within the scope of the interventions under NRRP financing, is related to the Framework Agreement 2 Lot 4, for which on 28 August 2023, the formal Delivery of Works of the Applicative Execution Contract No. 04/2023 (Progress Rail Signaling S.p.A. Principal Contractor) was executed. 

The interventions include the upgrading of the existing ACEI (Relay Interlocking System) technological systems with new buildings and ACCM (Computerised Multistation Central Interlocking) systems, as well as the implementation of the RBC (Radio Block Centre) and GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway) to achieve the ERTMS/ETCS (European Rail Traffic Management System/European Train Control System). 

Following the approval of the Construction Project drawings, the authorisations of the Subcontractors and of the respective Operational Safety Plans, as well as the authorisations of the local authorities in charge, under the supervision of the Works Supervision Team, the following activities are currently underway: construction of the areas handed over to the Contractors, mowing of shrubs for the preparation of the shelter slab areas, removal of the Marcellinara trees, explosive ordnance clearance in the areas affected by the works, on-site delivery and storage of materials under the Cat/Prog or of Contractor-supplied materials to be used from the first week of November 2023.

The deadline for the completion of the installations is set for 14 June 2024.