Italferr: another important milestone is reached in the Turin-Lyon railway project

Underground work gets underway with the presentation of the new TBM

Italferr once again takes center stage in the construction of the Turin-Lyon line. On 6 October, the official presentation ceremony of the second TBM for the construction of 23 km of tunnel on the new Turin-Lyon railway line, French side, was held at the Herennknecht plant in Schwanau, Germany.

Attending the ceremony were the contracting authority TELT, Works Supervision representatives of the S2IP grouping, including Italferr - the engineering company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub - and the construction consortium LYTO.

The single shield TBM presented itself to the public with a red-coloured head and 47 inserts for positioning the rotating cutters, a diameter of 10.4 metres and an overall length of 184 metres.

This TBM is the second of the three TBMs destined for the completion of the construction section between the two work platforms of Saint-Martin-la Porte (CO7) and La Praz (CO6) for the 23 km base tunnel towards Modane. The two construction sites (CO7 and CO6) will employ 625 people for a duration of 65 months. The work also includes the construction of communication branches every 333 metres between the tunnels, technical rooms, service and safety niches and shafts.

The territories of the municipalities of Saint-Martin-la-Porte, Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne, Orelle, Saint André, Villargondran and Saint-Julien-Mont-Denis will be affected by the work on this section of the tunnel.