Italferr: High-Speed rail in Latvia

FS Group to attend Republic Day in Riga

On May 31st Italferr in Latvia, among more than 600 guests, to celebrate Italian Republic Day, an event organized by the Italian Embassy in Riga and sponsored by the State Railways Group.

The International Market Director of Italferr, Roberto Borghi and the Area Manager for Europe and Italy, Ezio Pedone, together in recounting the strong bond connecting Italy and Latvia today.

Since 2021, Italferr, the engineering company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub, has been involved in Rail Baltica, the high-speed railway infrastructure project that by 2030 will integrate the Baltic states into the European rail network, with line-wide activities concerning the Energy subsystem and, since 2022, also in Control-Command and Signalling subsystem. Lastly, in 2023, the Company was awarded the contract for Consulting Engineer and Construction Supervision Services of the Rail Baltica Mainline Construction in Latvia, work that will help the entire country increase its safety, connectivity and the environmental sustainability of its transportation system.