Starting in 2013, Italferr embarked on a path of change in its way of designing by starting to apply the Building Information Modelling methodology in an experimental phase. Starting from international experience carried out mainly for localised and systemic works, over the years the company has developed processes and skills in the use of BIM methodology in the railway infrastructure sector.

To date, Italferr holds a leadership position on the national and international scene in the application of BIM and digital technologies not only in the field of design but in all phases of the life cycle of a structure to achieve the objectives of efficiency in the management and maintenance of railway assets, going so far as to develop a DIGITAL TWIN of the structures.

Italferr was among the first companies in 2018 to certify its corporate BIM Management System and annually undergoes an audit for certification renewal via the ICMQ body (cert. No.18004BIM of 2022).

By playing the role of one of the leading players in the Building Information Modelling sector applied to infrastructure works, Italferr has also been the promoter of the development of digital skills in the ecosystem of the construction world, promoting the formation of a register of qualified suppliers for BIM-based design support, supporting certification bodies in defining BIM system process standards, and taking part in national and international BIM standardisation working tables.