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10-15 September 2023
Italferr present at “Forum Acusticum 2023”

The 'Forum Acusticum 2023 - Acoustics for a green world', the world's leading conference in the fields of acoustics and vibrations, was held from 10 to 15 September 2023 at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy. Italferr, an engineering company of the Infrastructure Hub of the FS Group, participated with colleagues from the Environmental Monitoring division of its Operational Structure Environment a...

20 July 2023
Italferr attends the seminar “Le nuove gallerie come infrastrutture sostenibili” (New Tunnels as Sustainable Infrastructure)

On Thursday, 20 July, the 'Innovative Tunnels and Excavation Systems Commission' of the Association of Engineers of the Province of Rome held a seminar entitled 'New Tunnels as Sustainable Infrastructure', in cooperation with Associations, Universities, Research Centres, Contracting Authorities, Designers and Primary Companies operating in the sector. The Environmental and Territorial Engineering...

10 July 2023
The design of large-sized railway infrastructure under the banner of preventive archaeology

Italferr, which has been involved in the field of preventive archaeology since 2006, recognises the importance of reconciling the development of infrastructure with the protection of cultural heritage, contributing significantly to the enhancement and conservation of the archaeological heritage. The participation of Italferr's Archaeology Department in the conference 'Preventive Archaeology Stand...

07 July 2023
Italferr in the world

CIFI, the Association of Italian Railway Engineers, in collaboration with the Order of Engineers of the Province of Florence, has organised the 'Italferr in the world' conference. Hosted at the 'Sala Comitato' hall of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - Florence Territorial Operations Directorate, the event represented an important opportunity to tell the audience, from the engineering world and beyond, ...

23 June 2023
CIFI awards the article “Analysis of the conditioned materials coming from the TBM-EPB excavation in the Serravalle Tunnel of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi”

On June 23rd, the awarding of the prizes was held at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa by CIFI for the best technical articles published in 2021 in the historic magazine La Tecnica Ferroviaria. The event featured Italferr, the engineering company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub, where the specialists of the HSQE, Field & Safety Operations Department, operating within the Environmental...

22 June 2023
"The Construction Site: Work of Art for the Environment and the Territory"

On the 22nd of  June, at the Sala Traini of Italferr's headquarters in Via V. G. Galati No. 71 in Rome, the Environmental and Territorial Engineering Structure - Land Management and Construction Site Environmental Design Sector of Italferr, the engineering company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub, promoted a Technical Workshop focused on the Construction Site Environmental Project (PAC) as we...

21 June 2023
IDE 2023 Industry Digital Evolution

The conference "IDE 2023 INDUSTRY DIGITAL EVOLUTION" organized by CORE Lab, the research laboratory of the Department of Innovation Engineering of the University of Salento, Lecce, was held from 21 to 23 June, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lecce. Italferr, the engineering company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub, took part in the first day of the proceedings, participating in the second Session...

14 June 2023
Infrastructure development in India: opportunities and success stories

The Italian know-how for infrastructure development and energy transition in India. This was the theme of a roundtable discussion organised by IICCI (The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) held at the Gianni & Origoni law firm with the aim of providing an overview of the opportunities offered by the Indian market in the infrastructure and energy sectors. Also present to share experien...

14 June 2023
Italferr among the key figures at the 39th National Congress of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene (AIDII)

On 14 June 2023, as part of the 39th AIDII National Congress, a training seminar was held on Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Issues in the Development of New Infrastructure, organised by the AIDII North West section. The seminar, attended by qualified representatives of the University of Genoa, of the Port Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea and of the Genoa Coast Guard, dealt with the t...

09 June 2023
Building Information Modelling: the digital methodology for the infrastructure of the future

As a forerunner and a leader in Building Information Modeling, the Engineering Company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub was among the first companies, back in 2018, to certify its corporate BIM Management System and since then annually undergoes the audit for certification renewal through the ICMQ body (cert. No. 18004BIM of 2022). The BIM Supplier Workshop provided a valuable opportunity to ...