Press releases

06 May 2024
Verona-Rovigo railway line

Work has begun in Cerea, in the province of Verona, along the Verona - Legnago - Rovigo railway line for the elimination of three level crossings located on Via Isolella Bassa and Vicolo San Zeno. The work involves the construction of an approximately 350 metres long underpass that will run underneath the railway line and will be completed with the construction of the complementary road system, w...

06 May 2024
Ogliastrillo-Castelbuono rail section: work has started again with the TBM ‘Margherita’ reaching the 1000 m mark

Track-doubling on the Ogliastrillo-Castelbuono section of the Palermo-Messina line has resumed at full speed. In the last few days, the 1,000 m of excavation of the Cefalù Binario Dispari tunnel, excavated using the ‘Margherita’ TBM, consisting of two single-track tubes - for a total length of about 13.5 km - have been reached, which will be lined with more than 43,000 ashlars upon completion of ...

16 April 2024
Catania-Siracusa railway line: work continues on eliminating level crossings

On 16 April 2024, the railway underpass was inaugurated and the road was handed over to the municipality. On the occasion, a ceremony was held in the presence of the Mayor of the Municipality of Augusta, Mr. Giuseppe Di Mare, with the participation of the RFI Customer and Italferr personnel involved in the project. During the ceremony, it was emphasised how fundamental the synergy between the Cus...

26 March 2024
New BIM Price List: innovation and excellence in the infrastructural engineering sector

The Italian infrastructural scene is preparing for dealing with unprecedented challenges in terms of modernisation and digitalisation, and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) provides a tool for outlining strategies and investments to relaunch the economy and achieve sustainable development of the Country.


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