Italferr targets major rail projects in Brazil.

Açailandia-Barcarena freight railway line

Italferr provided technical assistance to "Triunfo Partecipacoes e Investimentos," one of the country's most dynamic concessionaires, for the design of the 560 km long railway line between Aҫalandia and Barcarena.

Sinop-Miritituba freight railway line (“Projeto Ferrograo”)

Italferr, in association with the Brazilian company Logit, provided technical assistance for interventions on the rail corridor between Sinop and Miritituba, in the states of Mato Grosso and Parà, about 1,000 km long (Linea Ferrogrão), which are part of the vast program of studies launched by the Agência Nacional de Transportes Terrestres - ANTT for priority routes. The activities included a market analysis aimed at defining freight traffic volumes, full operating models of the line, concept design of loading/unloading points and modal interchange between rail and other modes of transport, and financial analyses aimed at assessing the profitability of the future concession of the line.

Passenger railway line (“Projeto Intercidades”)

Italferr provided technical assistance to the Brazilian Concessionaires Group (EDLP Estacao da Luz Participacoes and CCR, Companhia de participacoes em concessoes) for the "Trens Intercidades" (Intercity Trains) project, a 450 km long passenger rail network, submitted to the São Paulo government through a private bid. Italferr developed an independent analysis of the project, requested directly by the Government of São Paulo, on several specialised aspects such as choice of rolling stock (advantages/disadvantages of tilting box trains), operating models, planning and phasing of the works, minimisation of the impacts of the work on rail operations, and identification and concept of rolling stock maintenance workshops. Following Italferr's delivery of the works, the State of São Paulo accepted the bid submitted by the Brazilian Concessionaires related to the project and proceeded to launch the first tender for the concession of the first section of the network (Sao Paulo-Americana).

The work has been completed.