Italferr among the organisers, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Culture and Archeoimprese

Italferr, an engineering company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub, which has always been involved in the field of preventive archaeology, recognises the importance of reconciling academic training with the protection of the cultural heritage connected with the country's infrastructural development. In fact, retracing the steps that led to the birth of the discipline, it was the experience gained in the construction of the new high-speed lines that made Preventive Archaeology a necessity as well as an opportunity for the nation's cultural growth.

It is precisely for these reasons that the Archaeology department created by Italferr, the first engineering company in Italy to equip itself with an internal staff of archaeologists, has actively participated in the institution at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo of the Master's Degree in "Preventive Archaeology and Archaeological Risk Management", organised in collaboration with the General Directorate for Archaeology, the Central Institute for Archaeology, the General Directorate for Museums and Archaeo.

The 2nd level university curriculum intends to create a professional profile of archaeologist actively inserted in the planning chain of territorial programming and able to manage and coordinate all the phases of the preventive verification of archaeological interest in coherence with the regulations in force. The courses will be held by lecturers of national relevance, among the main Italian experts in preventive archaeology, from the academic world, the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Central Institute for Archaeology, the Italferr (Italian State Railways Group) Archaeology structure, and professionals from Archeoimprese.

All information about the master’s degree is available on the dedicated page: